Dutch company Azami has developed AIDA: a GDPR scanner that identifies and removes privacy-sensitive data like passports, ID-cards and driving-licenses from digital archives, Sharepoint folders and shared-directories. We recognise and remove non-needed personal data from PDFs, attachments of emails, Word documents, JPEGs. Our AIDA algoritms are trained on international passports and in the last 5 years we have identified and removed more than 2.5 million passports for 23 Dutch housing-associations.

The Canadian PIPEDA legislation requires organisations 'to dispose of personal information that does not have a specific purpose or no longer fulfills its intended purpose' (PIPEDA Fair Information Principle 5 – Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention - Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada). This PIPEDA legislation is very similar to GDPR legislation, and we developed AIDA specifically for these purposes: to (cyber)protect your data by removing non-essential personal data. 

As leading Dutch GDPR-scanner, we aim to support Canadian housing-associations in identifying and removing non-essential personal information from your archives. We will scan and (after your approval) remove all passports, IDs and Driving licenses in your dataset! We'll do a secure job and offer a competitive fixed-price, to be paid after the job is done. All work is executed in a Toronto based hosting centre: your data will never leave Canada!

Attached presentation gives more information. Please contact us directly if you any questions: or call +31-657748895. Thank you! Marc Jacobs